Here are five great mousepad marketing ideas...

The ideal corporate or trade show giveaway 
Don't just give them a business card on your sales team's next client call or tradeshow exhibit. A mousepad is not only a reminder of your contact, it's also a way to expand your message. Highlight your key Unique Selling Points on your mousepad and see how quickly people start to associate these USP's with your company or promotion.

Joint mousepad promotions 
Think about partnering with other complimentary businesses and expanding your distribution and sharing the costs. Computer service companies can partner with hardware and software suppliers and even mobile phone suppliers; Real Estate agents can partner with banks, insurance companies and conveyancing firms.

Increase repeat traffic to your website
Designing your web site as an effective sales tool is vital today. But, having a web site is not enough. What better way to remind your customers of your website than to have your message on their mousepad. With a great mousepad, including your web address, they will find you over and over again. 

Message reinforcement 24/7/365 
All day, every day internet users point and click away with your mousepad constantly repeating your logo, message or theme time and time again. A great mousepad with a smart design can take pride of place on your client's desk.

Annual replacement 
Think about including a calendar in your design and send a mousepad out every year to replace the old one. It's surprising how often a calendar mousepad becomes an invaluable resource; clients even ring up and ask for a replacement. 
Whether you want to reach your internal team with a key message or to expand your message to your existing customers or new business prospects, a smartly designed mousepad delivers results, all day, every day.