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Designing the best mouse pads to maximise their promotional value is quite straightforward when you have over 15 years experience, but there are a few special requirements...

Standard mouse pads have corners of 14mm radius (consequently please don’t place anything of importance, like text near the corners). Artwork however should have "square" corners - we will put in the rounded edges.

Allow artwork to bleed off the edge of your mouse pads (allow an extra 5mm top, bottom and both sides to enable trimming).

Please avoid having a border around the artwork or lines parallel with any edge (should these be needed it would be best to place them some way from the edges) as any slight variation in our cutting could cause these lines or borders to appear less than parallel with a mouse padst edges.

Similarly, text and other details should not be put too close to the edges of the mousepads.

Custom shaped mouse pads should not have pointed or sharp protrusions.

Artwork should be supplied as electronic media. Artwork files smaller than 8MB may be emailed to To submit larger files please go to and follow instructions.

File Formats: PDF (high resolution), Adobe Illustrator CS2, CorelDraw 10 and up, Generic EPS, TIFF, JPEG. Resolution for all images should be 300dpi.

Note: Fonts used in mouse pad artwork should be converted to outlines (curves).
If this is not possible, the fonts should be supplied with the artwork otherwise a similar font may have to be used.

Design tips for mouse pads